2023 New Jersey Voter Guide now available

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The facts you have been waiting for

Election season begins this Saturday! Yes, it’s true! Vote by Mail (VBM) ballots start on Sept 23. Your civic responsibility is to inform your circle of friends on who to vote for – and why they must vote in 2023. The New Jersey Family Policy Center has developed the primary resource to equip you in educating your church community, pastor, and family on where the candidates stand on crucial policy positions that reflect proposed or recently passed state legislation.  

Our team worked throughout the summer gathering data based upon incumbent voting records, bill sponsorships, candidate questionaries, and candidate interviews. We are pleased to make available to you, and social conservatives around the state, a fact-based, policy-oriented Voter Guide for the 2023 State Legislative election.

Please share it with others through text, email, and social media!  

The voter guides for each district are located on our website directly under “Important 2023 Election Dates”. If you do not know what district you live in, there is a link to the 2023-2030 state legislative map that will assist you.  

According to Monmouth University polls, 78% of all New Jerseyans want parents notified of their child’s social and emotional well-being – including gender identity. 77% do not want gender identity taught in elementary school. 64% want regulations on abortion. Clearly, the policies that we advocate for are supported by the majority of New Jersey residents, and 80 legislators and aspiring legislators publicly stated their position on these specific issues. If your district has candidates or incumbents who did not complete the survey, I suggest you contact their campaign and ask them – why are parental rights not a major concern for them?  

In addition to the voter guide, we have posted more “Recommended Candidates”. These are men and women that have scored 100% on our Voter Guide and have been interviewed by me, or incumbents who sponsored legislation that we support and have an ongoing working relationship with the New Jersey Family Policy Center. More candidates might be added in the days to come.  

Finally. I want to personally ask you to consider being part of our Get Out the Vote mobilization team for two weeks this October. We have identified strong social conservative voters that align with your values but according to public records, they fail to vote every year. We cannot allow that to happen in 2023! Please sign up online for more information. Training will take place in early October.  


Shawn Hyland

Director of Advocacy

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