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A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with my morning coffee before sunrise and opened my Twitter app. I came across a video that was just posted a few hours earlier and was making its way around the Twitter universe. It featured a well-known left wing progressive congresswoman being berated and interrupted at her townhall meeting by young progressives that felt betrayed by her. She was presenting to her constituents the work she was doing in Congress. The one young protestor stood up and said, “It doesn’t matter what else you are working on, if we are all dead in a nuclear war.”

I quickly began to think that many of us in the social conservative public policy world feel the same way. It does not matter what else politicians do on issues of inflation, crime, or immigration – if the nuclear family is dismantled, deconstructed, and destroyed; the American experiment in self-government is over. Period.  

This is why we must vote!

First, because we have been blessed to live in a constitutional republic that gives us the power to elect people to represent us in Congress. An election winner has the consent of the majority of their constituents to be their voice in the most powerful legislative body on earth. Wait. Let me clarify. They received the majority of votes, but it does not mean the majority of eligible voters elected them. Often, if you add the total votes of the losing candidates and the missing votes of people who failed to carry out their civic duty to vote – less than 50% of the eligible voters supported the winner! 

Second, the religious freedom to teach God’s creative order in the universal gender binary, and the definition of the divine institution of marriage, must matter more to Biblically minded Christians than any other issue. We understand that God has designed society to flourish on the strength of healthy families that consist of moms and dads and boys and girls.

But who should you vote for in 2022? Who will defend your religious freedoms in the next Congress? Who will truly represent your views on marriage and life?

I want to recommend a Congressional New Jersey voter guide developed by our friends at This interactive voter guide offers great insight on where the candidates stand on the issues most important to you. 

Early voting is now open through Sunday. In-person voting is Tuesday, Nov 8. If you requested a vote by mail ballot, please return it before Nov 8.  

Shawn Hyland

Director of Advocacy

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