Repeal Replace Restore

We Are...

committed to Repealing the age inappropriate and sexually explicit learning standards, Replacing the so-called diversity curriculum law that is driving Transgender Ideology in New Jersey’s public schools even down to Kindergarten with a common sense curriculum, and Restoring parental rights as a fundamental unbreakable bond in the sacred parent child relationship.

We are working to more fully engage in the following issues:

Repeal — sex ed learning standards

• Promote medically approved and scientifically accurate Health and Physical Education learning standards developed by The Medical Institute for Sexual Health to education officials, teachers, parents, and State Board of Education members.


• Grow a network of advocates to help monitor school boards to track decisions regarding curriculum lessons used in the classroom.


• Lead a like-minded coalition of concerned groups to counteract the influence of the radical coalition that consist of Advocates for Youth, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, New Jersey Abortion League, and many others.


• Identify incumbent school board members across the state to be part of our national School Board Academy training program

Replace — transgender diversity lessons

• Get more sponsors to support new diversity bills that would remove teachings regarding sexual orientation and gender identity from all New Jersey elementary and middle school classrooms.


• Engage in targeted political campaign activity to help elect pro-Repeal, Replace, and Restore legislators in 2023.


• Remove legislators who resist calls for transparency in education and are hostile to parents being involved in the education of their children.


• Train captains in swing legislative districts to mobilize our grassroots supporters to make calls, knock on doors, and inform low propensity socially conservative voters to get to the polls in 2023.


• Strategically host Repeal, Replace, and Restore public forums at local churches in each targeted district.


• Send more NJ state legislators to our national Statesman Academy to be trained by esteemed members of our curriculum staff on how to speak on and advocate for issues related to life, family, and religious freedom.

Restore — parental rights in education and life

• Educating parents on their rights through seminars, media content, and our extensive online resources page.


• Advocate for School Freedom for a student-centered approach to education funding where the money follows the child.


• Having more parental input in the development of lessons in public schools.


• Work with existing school choice and pro-life state coalitions to advance parental notification laws and protect parental rights from being infringed upon at the state level.

A Number Of Ways To Support This Mission

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