After Roe There is Life

You Lived To See The Moment

The Good News Was Handed Down On June 24, 2022. The Mighty ROE Has Fallen! And Life Will Never Be The Same Again

The Pro-Life Movement Spent Decades Working, Praying, And Advocating For The Least Among Us. The Overturning Of ROE Was Step One. Now The Work Begins In States Across America.


In New Jersey, Governor Murphy Signed Into Law The Reproductive Choice Act On January 13, 2022, In Anticipation Of The Supreme Court’s Ruling. This Codified Into State Law The Ability To Abort The Life Of A Child Up To The Moment Of Birth.


Tragically, Not Satisfied, With This Extreme Law, On May 13, 2022, He Reintroduced His Failed Demands From The Original Reproductive Freedom Act. He Is Insisting On Abortion Expansion In Our State By Creating A State Fund To Cover Abortions – Even For Out Of State Residents.


Immediately Following The Overturn Of ROE, Governor Murphy And Pro-Abortion Legislators Quickly Scheduled Legislation To Make New Jersey An Abortion Destination. These Bills Were Signed Into Law By Governor Murphy On Friday, July 1, 2022. This Will Protect Doctors From Any Liability If They Perform An Abortion On A Resident From Another State Where Abortion Is Illegal.


We Are Now Working With A Pro-Life Coalition And State Legislators To Stop Governor Murphy’s Agenda To Pay For Abortions On Demand Up To The Moment Of Birth By Your Tax Dollars And Your Insurance Premiums.

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