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Tell them to rethink their bias journalism towards crisis pregnancy resource centers

The New Jersey Monitor is a nonprofit, supposedly nonpartisan news site, that claims to be serving the residents of New Jersey as a journalistic watchdog striving to hold powerful people accountable. Last week, on January 17, unfortunately, they failed in their mission. This is most dramatically captured in their headline that undermines and smears the reputation of women’s crisis pregnancy centers throughout our state.

Deceptive marketing by crisis pregnancy centers prompts bills, consumer alert” Click here for the article 

These centers don’t use deceptive marketing. They advertise themselves as pregnancy resources centers. Many of them offer ultrasounds performed by registered nurses and have licensed physicians serving as medical directors to oversee patient care policies.

But they don’t offer abortion – they offer alternatives. For this reason, Governor Murphy has decided to use the power of his executive branch to make these centers become non-existent in New Jersey. The New Jersey Monitor is assisting him along the way.

Instead of a headline holding accountable the Attorney General Matt Platkin for his unwarranted “consumer alert” targeting the vital work of these local clinics, the New Jersey Monitor decided to protect the powerful office of the Attorney General by repeating the false and misleading accusations that these prolife women’s crisis pregnancy centers are “deceptive”.

I want to urge you to contact the New Jersey Monitor and let them know that political clickbait headlines flies in the face of their own claims to hold accountable policy makers and public officials.

Their distortive narrative reinforces the political targeting of these centers executed by the Attorney General Matt Platkin and shields politicians such as Assemblywomen Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D-Mercer), Mila Jasey (D-Essex), and Ellen Park (D-Bergen) who introduced a bill that would criminalize these centers for advertising themselves to women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Yes, that’s correct! In 2022, the proabortion legislature and Governor Murphy codified into law the right to end the life of a child fully developed and seconds away from being born. Now in 2023, they are trying to silence the alternatives to abortion by shutting down and criminalizing life-affirming women’s resources centers.

I ask you to do two things this week.  

1. Please contact the journalist of the article Dana DiFilippo and the editor of the New Jersey Monitor Terrence McDonald. You can use our Action Alert Advocacy Tool to easily communicate your views.

2. We have nine months before the 2023 general election to educate the people of New Jersey about the radical policies that are being enacted by the current legislative majority. Your donation will help us plan and develop the resources and materials to inform voters at events and on social media.  

Allan F. Wright

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