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Proposed amendment separates students based on Gender Identity for biologically based puberty and physical growth and development lessons

The New Jersey State Board of Education is proposing readopting with amendments N.J.A.C. 6A:7, Managing for Equality and Equity in Education.

Under section, 6A:7-1.7 [Equality] Equity in school and classroom practices, the State of New Jersey is proposing this amendment in bold

Portions of classes that deal exclusively with human sexuality may be conducted in separate developmentally appropriate sessions [for male and female students] based on gender identity, provided the course content for such separately conducted sessions is the same; 

The bracketed language [for male and female students] will now be replaced by “based on gender identity.”

From a health perspective, students need to learn about their sex’s biological reproductive system and be encouraged to understand and take proper care of their anatomy. Separating by “gender identity” will also give access to biological males that self-assert an opposite sex gender identity to interrupt the comfortable and trusting learning environment young female elementary students deserve and biological females would have access to young male environments.

We have serious concerns that this will hinder students from asking questions and seeking clarification on important information regarding their body’s anatomy and physiology. Without question, this will undoubtedly put an undue burden on elementary students who will most likely become confused and embarrassed to publicly discuss these sensitive topics with peers of the opposite sex in the classroom

The relationship among educators, school boards, parents, and the Department of Education will further be damaged if not irrevocably harmed by this proposed additional objectionable policy. We strongly believe local families, voters, and education stakeholders should discuss and decide how to best serve all families and students in their community.

Advancing this policy will further put at risk the reputation of New Jersey public schools. We urge the New Jersey State Board of Education to stop the unacceptable overreach of State government by withdrawing this amendment.

Use our easy online advocacy tool below to stop the NJ Board of Education from moving this amendment forward in the process.

Click here to contact THE NJ STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION 

Click here to read what Senators Oroho, Pennacchio, and Schepisi are saying on this issue! 

Shawn Hyland

Director of Advocacy


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