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Above Caption: Senator Andrew Zwicker (D-Hillsborough), sponsor of the “Freedom to Distribute Obscene Materials to Minors Act” 

Keep the pressure on them!

Let’s get right down to it. We have many legislative fights ahead of us. The progressive Left in New Jersey aggressively dismantles parental rights, advocates for minors to receive ‘mental health care’ without parental notification, supports removing a parent’s custody of their child if that parent is not in favor of ‘gender-affirming care’ (surgically removing sex organs and providing cross-sex hormones) and blatantly lie about Pregnancy Resource Centers.  

All of that is par for the course in a blue state like ours, but that is exactly why the New Jersey Family Policy Center exists.  

Because, if a legislator’s conscience does not restrain them, then public accountability might cause them to be pragmatic enough to realize when their extreme anti-parent agenda has bankrupted their caucus. 

This could be that moment. But it depends.  

We recently helped to block the “Freedom to Distribute Obscene Materials to Minors Act” (so-called Freedom to Read Bill). This nefarious legislation would amend the criminal code to allow teachers and librarians to distribute explicit, obscene, sexual materials to children, including “sexual stimulation, deviate sexual intercourse, and erotic touching”, language specially outlined in the New Jersey Obscenity statute, §2C:34-3.  

This bill was originally scheduled for the Senate Education Committee back on February 15. It was pulled from the agenda the evening before the committee hearing due to the fierce groundswell of opposition from all corners of the state. Thank you! 

Media reports said the bill sponsors expected their bill to be heard at the next Senate Education Committee on March 14.  

Friends, today is March 14. ✔️

The Senate Education Committee met in Trenton. ✔️

Good news again‼️ The “Freedom to Distribute Obscene Materials to Minors Act” was nowhere to be found! ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ 

The battle to protect the innocence of children is far from over. Experience informs us that once the pressure dwindles and the heat wanes, bills find a way to garner backroom support when no one is looking.  

I ask you to act again! Please email or text the link to to your friends and ask them “Have you heard about this bill?”  

That’s it! Simple. Do that one thing in the next few days.  

Most people in New Jersey are not aware this legislation exists and has sponsors in both legislative chambers! Imagine the natural outcry and organic advocacy actions that a simple text message could generate by educating the general public about this bill.  

The bill sponsors rely on the media to be complicit in covering up the dark intent and ramifications of their bill. Together, we can exposure it, and prayerfully eradicate any hopes of it moving forward.  

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