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September 23
Commencement of Mailing of Mail-In Ballots for General Election

October 17
Voter Registration Deadline for General Election

October 28 – November 5
Early Voting Period

October 31
Deadline to apply for a Mail-In Ballot by Mail for General Election


November 6 – by 3:00 p.m.
Deadline for In-Person Mail-In Ballot Applications for General Election

November 7
General Election Day

November 7
Deadline for Post Office Receipt of Mail-In Ballots from the General Election

November 13
Deadline for Receipt of Timely Mailed Postmarked Mail-In Ballots to County Boards of Election


The following legislative incumbents have been shown their commitment to stand for parental rights and the life of the unborn. Beyond just “campaign talk”, these legislative champions have sponsored bills that the New Jersey Family Policy Center supports. 

Legislators must have sponsored at least two of the Parental Rights in Education bills to receive our recommendation for that issue. 

Legislators must have sponsored at least one of the Protection for Unborn Children bills to receive our recommendation for that issue. 

Parental Rights in Education

Protections for Unborn Children


Requires public schools to post curriculum plans online; requires school districts to make textbooks or other materials used in implementing curriculum plans available for inspection by parents and legal guardians


Requires each public school to post on website comprehensive list of all resources available in school library. 


Directs State Board of Education to rescind New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education and directs boards of education to establish Parental Advisory Committees and adopt standards for health instruction.


Provides that public school parent who objects to learning material or activity that parent considers harmful may receive voucher from school district to enroll student in nonpublic school.

Requires school districts to allow home-schooled students to participate in school-sponsored extracurricular activities in the student’s resident district.
“Parents’ Bill of Rights Act”; requires public school and school district provide certain information to parents and guardians and obtain parental consent prior to taking certain actions.
Establishes “New Jersey Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.
“Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act”; bans abortion 20 weeks or more after fertilization.

Proposes amendment to constitution regarding parental notification for medical or surgical procedures or treatments relating to pregnancy to be performed on minor children.

District 1

District 3

District 4

District 9

District 10

District 12

District 13

District 14

District 16

District 23

District 24

District 25

District 26

District 30

District 38

District 39

District 40

Bill Sponsors not running for re-election

Senator Steve Oroho
Former Senator Mike Doherty
Assemblyman John Catalano
Assemblyman Hal Wirths
Assemblyman Kevin Rooney

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