Everyone agrees the NJ State Board of Education is a problem

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The NJ State Board of Education had their first public meeting of the year on Jan 17. It was postponed by one week due to the inclement weather causing a state of emergency last week. Right there, that simple calendar adjustment reminded everyone how insincere the State Board of Education acts when forced by internal rules to allow the public to make comments on any topic.  

These special “open public comment” meetings only happen three times per year – in Trenton, during daytime hours, thereby making it impossible for most parents to attend. In the past, anyone who wanted to give a public testimony before the Board had to sign up the Thursday before the scheduled Wednesday meeting – even though no other public meetings such as legislative committees or local school boards have any such requirement.  

The Board never posts this notice on their website. Instead, parents are required to navigate the website to locate the sign-up page, creating another hurdle and obstacle in overcoming the bureaucratic tape.  

But even when parents tried to sign up for the rescheduled Jan 17 meeting – they were denied. Why? The State Board of Education decided on their own that any person wanting to make comments on Jan 17 had to sign up by the Thursday before the original scheduled meeting date of January 10.  

…January 4th! Simply unreasonable and outrageous!   

Most parents and parental rights advocates were left out in the cold yesterday. Literally! 

How can this public board require a two-week advance notice for parents to speak for 3-5 minutes?  

• Why are State Board of Education members allowed to listen to these “open public comment” meetings remotely from home on their laptops, but parents must travel to Trenton to speak?  

• Why are State Board of Education members split into different smaller groups to hear comments, preventing parents from addressing the entire State Board of Education and limiting what members hear? 

We are working with our statewide coalition partners, including the Pacific Justice Institute and others, to demand answers to our legal questions!  

Our team has developed an informative resource that we want you to share with your friends!

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that the State Board of Education has lost focus of their mission. Their obsession with radical sex and transgender curriculum has taken priority over improving academic success and reversing learning loss.  

These controversial decisions were not unanimous. Not every member of the State Board of Education voted for them. There are a small number of current board members who are not part of the problem.  Yet, these are the very ones that are being removed by Governor Murphy! 

Where is the diversity of opinion?  

Where is the equity in representing NJ parents?  

Why are representatives and those who see things differently excluded instead of included? 

This makes no logical sense. This is bad government. This must be stopped!  

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