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I hear the same question from our ministry partners all the time, “What can we do?” First, let me reassure you, we are not without hope! We have been waiting for this moment all year long! Why? Because October is that month when voters will begin to determine what legislators they want for the next two to four years. Vote by Mail (VBM) is already happening, and early voting begins October 28.  

Friend, the next four weeks is the moment to “leave it all on the field.” In other words, this is that short window of opportunity to do everything you can to get out the vote for social conservative candidates. Please, don’t look back on the day after election day with regret and say, “I should have done more.” Because there is so much to do right now! 

1. Share our voter guide with members of your church. Email or text them the link for a digital file or print it and hand it out this Sunday. You will be surprised how many people don’t know this detailed policy information that clearly shows the extreme anti-life and anti-parent positions held by many incumbents. It very well might motivate them to vote this year!  

2.  Volunteer to make phone calls to social conversative voters in key legislative districts. We have identified thousands of people in each district that normally don’t vote but believe strongly in parental rights in education and pro-life protections. We need to encourage them to vote!  

3. Fund our election expenditures as we send mailers and texts messages to these specific voters. Each donation can help us reach more voters – or the same voters more times this month. Studies show that it takes multiple postcards and texts to convince these targeted social conservative voters of the urgency and importance of this low turnout state election year.  

Finally, please join us at our next “A Time to Stand” events featuring The Benham Brothers on Oct 25 in Franklin Lakes and Riley Gaines on Nov 8 in Stirling. Event information and links to purchase tickets are below.  

Allan F. Wright

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