Core Values

As A Voice For The Family, We Have Formulated The Following Guiding Philosophies To Shape The Mission And Vision Of The New Jersey Family Policy Center And The New Jersey Family Foundation:

  • We Will Endeavor To Preserve And Strengthen New Jersey’s Most Valuable And Vital Resources — Her Families. Parents Are The Primary And Most Important Source Of Moral Instruction, And The Future Of New Jersey Depends On Them. We Support Them In Their Efforts To Raise Their Children In Accordance With Their Deeply Held Religious Beliefs. 
  • We Will Adhere To Conservative Judeo-Christian Values In Every Sphere Of Life. We Articulate Them Respectfully Within The Public Forum Of Debate And Policy Formation. We Believe That Treating Each Person We Encounter With Dignity And Respect Enhances And Promotes Our Mission Even If That Person Does Not Believe As We Do. 
  • We will strive to create an environment where children are nurtured and viewed rightly as a gift from God. We will, therefore, work with legislators and pastors to equip them to exercise their responsibility to guard and guide them to goodness, truth and beauty.
  • We will promote the right of parents to teach their children conservative Judeo-Christian values that reflect their treasured heritage.
  • We maintain that a family is composed of individuals related to one another by traditional marriage, blood, or adoption. This includes not only two-parent households but also single-parent families, many of whom face obstacles seemingly insurmountable obstacles with faith, courage and hard work.

A Number Of Ways To Support This Mission

If you are interested in supporting us in Other ways including stocks, real estate, and Crypto currency, please contact: