I bring good news. There is hope for NJ.

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Annual Family Policy Council Alliance conference

I just returned from the Family Policy Counsel Alliance gathering this past Saturday and it was very encouraging to hear what the other states are doing and ultimately, what God is doing in our country. I bring good news that there is hope for New Jersey!

To be honest, at times I was jealous of those 17 States that passed a “Help Not Harm” bill that applies to minors and prohibits doctors or anyone from blocking healthy puberty, prescribing cross-sex hormones, or performing surgery to modify a child’s body to appear more like the opposite sex. Conversations with other Family Policy leaders were valuable as we shared our challenges as well as our successes. I was able to tout our Motion to Intervene against Governor Murphy and Attorney General Matt Platkin who are suing NJ school boards that wish to inform parents of their children’s emotional, mental, and physical health issues.

As Christians, we often relate to different biblical characters during the different seasons of our lives. Recently, I have been reading the book of Nehemiah, a man of God who was a simple layman, not a priest like Ezra nor a prophet like Malachi. His heart for God is revealed in Nehemiah 1:3-4 which reads, “‘Jerusalem’s wall has been broken down, and its gates have been burned down.’ When I heard these things, I sat down and wept.”

What can we learn from him today?

• Nehemiah doesn’t pray for God to destroy the nations. He prays for God to forgive his people and rescue them from their own rebellion against him. He knew it was their sins that had moved God to lead them into captivity in the first place.

• Under Nehemiah’s leadership, the Jews withstood resistance and came together to accomplish their goal.

• Together with Ezra and other believers, he began to rebuild the political and spiritual foundations of the people.

• Nehemiah’s humility before God provided an example for the people.

• He did not claim glory for himself but always gave God credit for his successes.

Is our current political situation in NJ different? The current administration promotes policies that destroy life, actively shield parents from vital information concerning the health of their children, and promote transgenderism as early as kindergarten and other sexual behavior which they deem appropriate beginning in 2nd grade?


We know and serve the same God Nehemiah served and operate with the same conviction and passion. Thank you for partnering with us so social conservatives can have a voice in the public square and articulate with clarity and charity the policies that are aligned with the truth about the human person, human sexuality, parental rights, and religious freedom so that God may be honored in our actions.

Together we are making a difference! Join us as we, “rejoice in hope, are patient in tribulation, and constant in our prayer.”

Allan F. Wright

Executive Director

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