It’s Time to Pray! It’s Time to Vote! It’s Time to Win!

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Early voting starts June 2. The Primary Election Day is June 6. 

Yard signs fill the main roads throughout towns across New Jersey. Postcards, both vile and virtuous, might be landing in your mailbox each day. The contests of ideas, personalities, and inside baseball politics are being played out in real time. This can only mean one thing – it’s time to vote!  

Campaigns have been brutal in some areas. Accusations of wokeness, distortions of voting records and political positions have caused confusion, mistrust, and offense among friends that share a common value system. What should committed Christians do in times like these?  

First, we need to pray that our thoughts and priorities don’t become distracted because we could quickly find ourselves off-mission. We can not allow this to happen! Second, we must be well informed about who has been fighting the good fight of faith for us in Trenton. There are certain legislators who have made it a priority to protect the rights of parents to raise their children according to their faith and to protect babies growing in the womb of their mother. These men and women deserve your support!  

This is why we published our recommended incumbents on our Elections 2023 webpage. We highlight the champions who offer more than just campaign talk. These legislators support and sponsor the bills that we advocate for. Social conservative voters must reelect them to keep parental rights, pro life, and religious liberty issues as priorities in Trenton. This is why you need to vote in the primary election! To get them on the general ballot this November, we must make sure they win the primary.  

I urge you to check out our Elections page. You can see the bills that we have been supporting, the sponsors of those pieces of legislation, and hear from pastors across the state of New Jersey on why it is important that Christians vote. Please share this Elections page with your contacts by emailing or texting them the link. Our team is working diligently to produce a comprehensive voter guide for the general election. The stark contrast between those who want to protect life and those who disregard its value will be clearly seen this November.

It’s time to pray!  

It’s time to vote!  

It’s time to win! 

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