Just returned from SoCon

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I just arrived home a few hours ago from the Social Conservative Conference in South Carolina. It was a fantastic, three-day event with over 300 people representing over 160 socially conservative organizations around the country. Representatives from organizations such as Focus on the Family, The Heritage Foundation, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, First Liberty, and The Family Research Council along with all of our Family Policy Alliance partners from around the country participated in the workshops and break-out sessions.

A few highlights included hearing Senator Tim Scott, S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson, FPA President and CEO Craig DeRoche, John Stonestreet from the Colson Center, and Focus on the Family President Jim Daly. In addition to the major addresses these aforementioned folks gave, it was enlightening to engage in lively discussions with intellectual heavyweights such as Prof. Hadley Arkes, Prof. Teresa Collett and Steven H. Aden, and many more. While I’m still digesting all the information that was provided during the conference, one thing was clear; God’s vision is worth fighting for!

We may not know the road ahead, but we know that Christ journeys with us each step of the way!

While New Jersey is currently governed by extreme progressives pushing policies which exclude God, faith, and virtue from any discussion or policies, we do have hope. When I told people I was from the Garden State I could see in their facial expressions that they felt sorry for me and that we in New Jersey must be beaten down. I would look them in the face with a smile and let them know that we will never abandon the fight and we move forward joyfully for it forces us to cleave to Christ even more. Recall the words of St. Paul as he wrote to the Philippians: “You are taking part in the same struggle that you have seen in me and that you now hear I am experiencing.” (Phil 1:30)

What is remarkable about St. Paul’s letter is that he mentions ‘JOY’ 15 times and remember, he is writing this letter from prison. While St. Paul is ‘refreshed’ by the faith of the Philippians, I can honestly say that our NJFPC team is refreshed by each and every one of you. We do make financial appeals that enable us to continue to labor in Trenton and various legislative districts, but we always ask for prayers first for the battle is a spiritual one.

I’ll write more about lessons learned from the “SoCon” Conference in future newsletters but be assured we are in this struggle together and we know Him who still sits upon the throne.

Allan F. Wright

Executive Director 

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