Kelvin Cochran was captivating and dynamic

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Fired for his faith!

I heard him three times in less than 24 hours. I could hear him three more times without losing enthusiasm or interest. Kelvin Cochran’s message for the Church to have courage to stand for Biblical truth and for Christ no matter the consequences was as one attendee shared on social media, “One of the best speeches I have heard in a while!” Another attendee echoed similar high remarks, “Mr. Cochran was dynamic and captivatingly honest.”  

His story is one many of us might have to endure in our walk of obedience with the Lord. His childhood dream of being a fireman far exceeded anything he could imagine. He rose from the depths of poverty, resisted the tendency to become bitter as he faced discrimination early in his career, and ascended to the highest federal office possible for a fire chief as the administrator for the U.S. Fire Administration under President Obama. After one year in that position, the new mayor of Atlanta recruited him to return to the city he formerly served in as Fire Chief.  

Then it was gone. It was taken away. Because of a book!  

Mr. Cochran authored a book helping Christian men deal with the struggle of condemnation for past sins or present imperfections. A self-identified LGBT councilman in Atlanta was made aware of Kelvin’s book. The mayor who recruited him to return to the city, suddenly terminated his employment. What was the serious offense? What was the action that warranted such drastic disciplinary action?  

Kelvin quoted the teachings of sacred scripture that the act of sex was created by God to be part of the institution of marriage between one man and one woman. He was fired for his faith!  

Friends, the radical Left’s “Freedom to Read” and “book banning” rhetoric is based on poll driven marketing research. The reality is the Left hates books that offer different perspectives than their own and they will discriminate based upon those viewpoints. They will even penalize and punish those who express their deeply held religious beliefs – a clear violation of constitutional rights.  

Kelvin Cochran sued for religious discrimination and won! His new position with Alliance Defending Freedom has elevated his platform and he is more blessed today than any other time in his career.  

I leave you with his words, “Don’t be afraid of what the opposition says, because God has the final say!” 

Kelvin Cochran is a prime example of our events’ theme “A Time to Stand.” I want to encourage you to take that stand with us at the New Jersey Family Policy Center and our tax-deductible New Jersey Family Foundation. We rely on our ministry partners in New Jersey to fund our work.  

Len Deo, Founder and President Emeritus of NJFPC, Assemblyman Erik Simonsen (R), Shawn Hyland, Director of Advocacy of NJFPC, Darwin Cooper, Alliance Defending Freedom’s Kelvin Cochran, Assemblyman Antwan McClellan (R), and Allan Wright, Executive Director of NJFPC at the New Jersey Family Foundation “Time to Stand” event in Hammonton, NJ

“Time to Stand” with Kelvin Cochran at Alfie’s in Warren, NJ, June 18, 2024

“Time to Stand” with Kelvin Cochran at The Church of Grace and Peace  in Toms River, NJ, June 18, 2024

“Time to Stand” with Kelvin Cochran at Frog Rock Country Club in Hammonton, NJ, June 19, 2024

Allan Wright, Executive Director of NJFPC, Karyn White Esq, of the Pacific Justice Institute, Kelvin Cochran of Alliance Defending Freedom, and Shawn Hyland, Director of Advocacy for the NJFPC.

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