Major News! We filed a motion to intervene in the Hanover BOE case

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Pacific Justice Institute teams up with the NJFPC

As I am sure you are aware, the Attorney General Matt Platkin has targeted school boards that would inform parents of their child’s mental health, and social and emotional well-being. The first board of education he is attempting to intimidate is Hanover Township. Over the past month, our team at the NJFPC has been working with the Pacific Justice Institute and other parental rights organizations to counter the AG’s attempt to set an outrageous precedent in denying medical information to parents about their children.  

Just last week, the Pacific Justice Institute filed a motion to intervene in the AG’s case against Hanover BOE on behalf of the New Jersey Family Policy Center. This means we would be a party in this case and able to accept or appeal the outcome. This is good news for parents! The AG represents the State. The school board attorney represents the board of education and students. But we, through our legal team at Pacific Justice Institute, will be able to represent the interests of parents statewide.  

We covet your prayers for the judge to grant our request! 

Please read the media press release below and share this information with others.

Allan F. Wright


Pacific Justice Institute submits motion to intervene on behalf of parental rights organization, New Jersey Family Policy Center. 

Attorney General Matt Platkin’s meritless civil rights violation against Hanover Board of Education must not be resolved without the profound issue of parental rights being represented in the case.


Trenton, New Jersey:  The Pacific Justice Institute, a legal non-profit that defends – without charge – the religious freedoms, parental rights, and other civil liberties of individuals, has filed a motion to intervene in the Attorney General’s complaint filed in the Division of Civil Rights (“DCR”) against the Hanover Board of Education. Shawn Hyland, Director of Advocacy for New Jersey Family Policy Center– a pro-family organization that protects the freedom of parents to speak and act according to their faith, is listed as the intervener.

On May 17, 2023, Attorney General Matt Platkin filed the DCR complaint and concurrently filed for injunctive relief in Superior Court. Judge Minkowitz issued a temporary injunction and instructed both sides to negotiate. On June 6, 2023, Hanover School Board voted to repeal their original policy but immediately replaced it with a new policy (also #8463) which removed the specific references to gender identity characteristics but continued the intent to notify parents of issues of concern involving their children. On June 12, 2023, the NJ Attorney General again challenged the Board’s revised policy, seeking to continue to restrain the replacement policy’s implementation and assert that the parental rights policy violates the Law Against Discrimination.

Since then, AG Matt Platkin has filed civil rights violations against three more school districts, Marlboro, Middletown, and Manalapan, for their parental notification policies regarding a student’s mental health and social and emotional well-being regarding the student’s asserted gender identity. On June 26th, AG Platkin and Commissioner of Education Dr. Angelica Allen-McMillan issued a statement targeting school boards to stop passing parental notification policies. On June 27th, the Colts Neck Board of Education tabled the second reading and final vote on their policy as they await the outcome of the Attorney General’s cases against the other Monmouth County school districts.

The New Jersey Family Policy Center (NJFPC) meets all the criteria for being granted an intervenor status in the Hanover Board of Education case. The organization is strongly interested in the outcome of any action related to the AG’s allegation of a civil rights violation against school boards. Hanover BOE does not adequately represent the interest of parents statewide whose rights and children are directly impacted by any action. To deny the NJFPC would impede the ability of parents of public school students to protect their fundamental rights. The motion to intervene is timely and relevant to the process.


“The Attorney General’s attempt to force school districts to keep a secret shadow medical file on children inaccessible to their parents is a serious violation of parental rights. Parents must be included in all matters involving their children’s mental health and social and emotional well-being. That is the only way to keep them safe. We urge him to honor the roles and responsibilities of parents in raising their children.”

Karyn White Esq, Pacific Justice Institute  

For Attorney General Matt Platkin to tell school boards to keep parents in the dark, lie to parents, and view parents as the problem is grossly irresponsible and a serious violation of parental rights. I believe the Attorney General is insincere when he claims that telling parents the gender identity of their children violates the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. That law was never intended to hide important medical information about a young child from their parent. It is a very distorted and warped application of the law to say that it does.”

Shawn Hyland,  Director of Advocacy, New Jersey Family Policy Center  

“Education and care for children are incapable of being entirely delegated to others or, in this instance, usurped by others. In this case, the governor, through the Attorney General’s office, directly interferes with parents’ fundamental rights to care for their children. Keeping parents uninformed about their children’s mental, physical, and emotional state is a total overstepping of the government through public schools. Parents need to keep fighting against this dangerous agenda.”

Allan Wright,  Executive Director, New Jersey Family Policy Center

  The Pacific Justice Institute and the New Jersey Family Policy Center anticipates Judge Minkowitz will grant their request to be a party in the case to satisfy parents’ demand for fair representation.

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