New Jersey a safe and equitable place for the unborn?

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Nurture NJ fails moral scrutiny

The annual March for Life in Washington D.C. on January 19 once again captured the unrelenting spirit of a decades long movement to support Life at all stages of existence – from conception to natural death.  

Tragically, just days later on January 24, President Biden held a campaign rally in Virginia with a singular forefront issue that he will use his incumbent power to magnify, as he tries to solicit a spirit of fear and tap into an irrational response of anger– Abortion, Abortion, Abortion!  

In his administration’s view, any protection for a child’s life is political right-wing extremism. President Biden, please tell that to our allies in France, England, Sweden, or the other 96% of nations that have abortion restrictions. Let’s be clear, it is not the right-wing, but the left-wing side of the aisle that has decided to politicize this sensitive issue of abortion to mobilize voter turnout. 

All of this brings me to this past Tuesday, January 23, when Govenor Phil Murphy’s wife, Tammy Murphy held a press conference to launch Family Connects NJ – a program that is part of her Nurture NJ initiative.  

What is Nurture NJ? Their mission statement claims it is a “multi-pronged, multi-agency initiative that aims to make New Jersey the safest and most equitable place in the nation to deliver and raise a baby. 

Wait! What? A safe place to deliver a baby… 

One of their main objectives is tobuild a safe, high-quality, equitable system of care and services for all women during prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.” 

Wait! What? Prenatal care helps moms and their unborn children in the womb… 

The hypocrisy and inconsistency are glaring.  

In his administration’s view, only some unborn children in the womb should be considered worthy of life, afforded their rights, and maintain their dignity at all stages of development. Others, not so much.  

Just in the past six months, the Govenor: 

❌ Demanded an additional $20 million dollars for Planned Parenthood above and beyond the yearly budget allocation of $20 million = $40 million total! 

❌ Unleashed certain members of his party to target Pregnancy Resource Centers with damaging lies and inflammatory insults.  

❌ Released a Reproductive Health Care website that intentionally rejects any mention of adoption or parenting programs that are widely available. 

The question must be asked, “Where is the equity – the equal outcome for all babies in the womb?  

Some babies are “privileged” to have their parents receive prenatal care. Others, not so much. 

Friends, don’t give up the fight to protect Life in our state! We are right now working with legislators to set up tours of Pregnancy Resource Centers to learn more about their work. The at-risk unborn children and their mothers will have a voice in our state despite this administration.

Allan. F. Wright

Executive Director

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