New Jerseyans support restrictions on abortion

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Did you see the news February 21st? Monmouth University just released the results of a new state poll that asked New Jerseyans how they would describe their views on abortion. Only 36% of people said abortion should be legal in all cases.  

The remaining 64% of New Jerseyans want limitations and regulations governing when and how a preborn baby can be aborted.  

That is encouraging but not surprising. The pro-abortion agenda of the current administration was always extreme and radical by any standard – outside of China and North Korea! Why would politicians push a fringe abortion agenda that is out-of-touch with the beliefs and conscience of most voters? Because they are in-the-pocket of Planned Parenthood. Governor Murphy, and pro-abortion legislators, give Planned Parenthood $20 million per year to increase the number of abortions, and in return these politicians receive campaign donations.   

That’s why we need to invest this year in electing new legislators who share the values of New Jersey. However, let’s consider this point, the prolife movement needs to be cognizant that most people mistakenly use labels that differ from their actual nuanced positions. This same Monmouth University poll documents a glaring inconsistency and confusion on the issue of abortion for many people.  

Though only 34% agree that abortion should be legal in all cases, a whopping 62% say they are pro-choice. Wait… What!? In other words, 28% of the people who self-identify as “pro-choice” actually want abortions to be regulated and limited. 🤔

Therefore, we must support incumbents and candidates who will relentlessly fight to end late term abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, taxpayer funding of abortions, and require parental notification of abortions – even if they don’t cloak themselves in a label that we historically demanded. I want to challenge us in the days ahead to be policy oriented in savings as many babies as possible.   

That’s why political party platforms are lengthy position statements, not hardline litmus tests of binary checkbox labels.  Legislation can save lives. Labels can lose elections. 

I am proudly and unapologetically prolife from conception to natural death. But I accept the hard reality that others might not define themselves with my beliefs, but will work with us to protect women and save children from the Big Abortion industry.   

Friends, 2023 is a crucial year in state elections. The New Jersey State Senate and Assembly are only on the ballot together once every four years (senators have four-year terms, assembly members have two-year terms).  Will you help us in getting out the vote to protect Life and restore parental rights? Your donation to New Jersey Family Policy Center will drive conservative New Jerseyans to the polls.  

Allan F. Wright

Executive Director

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