NJ Sex Education Part 2: Dangers of the Comprehensive Health & Physical Education Learning Standards 

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I am excited to share with you the next video in our “New Jersey Sex Education Video Series with Lori Kuykendall.” In this week’s video, she explains the difference between standards and curriculum.  

Standards are the knowledge and skills children are to learn and be able to demonstrate. Curriculum is the teaching materials and strategies for helping them do so. In other words, standards are WHAT is to be taught, and curriculum is HOW it is to be taught. 

Curriculum is set at the local level, in a decentralized approach, giving local school boards the adoption authority for their district’s students. Curriculum is developed by teachers and administrators, with input from the community to reflect the values of the community.  

Unfortunately, many times in our state, we have experienced some school boards that only receive parental input after the curriculum has been developed and being voted on that night. Therefore, parental input is merely a formality, not an indispensable part of the process.  

Please watch this video to learn the dangers of the NJ Learning Standards and share it with others!

What can you do with these weekly videos? 

1. Share them with your friends, family members, and others through texts, emails, and social media. Use them to answer questions others might have regarding what is happening in New Jersey public schools.  

2. Email them to members of your local school board. Their school board member email address might be posted on the school district website, or you might have to call the district number and ask for it.  

3. Donate $100, $50, or even $10 to help us market this video series.  We need to expand the reach of these videos across the state to people who might not be accurately informed about this issue.  

Together, we can make New Jersey a place for families to thrive! 


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