NJ Sex Education Part 3: What you can do to protect children

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I hope you enjoyed our 3-part resource, “New Jersey Sex Education Video Series with Lori Kuykendall.” This week is the last installment of this critical educational tool for New Jersey families, educators, and health professionals.  

In previous videos, Lori explained the difference between Comprehensive Sex Education (think Planned Parenthood condom-based education) compared to Sexual Risk Avoidance Education that truly gives all students the tools needed to live healthy lives. Last week, she highlighted the dangerous New Jersey Learning Standards that put students at risk. This week, Lori exposes the national and New Jersey organizations responsible for the radical changes in sex education that impact children as young as kindergarten.  

Don’t lose hope! Lori introduces the positive alternative – the K-12 Standards for Optimal Sexual Development developed by the Medical Institute for Sexual Health.  

Parents, you can talk to your children using these standards to help your discussion. As Lori says, “Be the primary sex educator of your children. Step up to the responsibility of teaching these important topics at home- in the context of your family’s values. Teach them incrementally over time- and as a part of ongoing conversations.” 

I want to encourage you to download the K-12 Standards for Optimal Sexual Development at our website and share them with school board members, parents, and teachers.  

Allan F. Wright

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