Notice of Action on our Rule Making Petition

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"Give us more time"

On Tuesday of this week, the New Jersey State Board of Education sent us a Notice of Action regarding the Rule Making Petition that was submitted on August 8. Thanks to our strong partnership with the Pacific Justice Institute, the lengthy legal argument put forth in the petition clearly laid out why their amendments violated Constitutional rights.

We were hopeful that the State of Board of Education would initiate a proceeding to repeal the amendments to their Equity and Equality in Education policy. Per the rules of the State Board of Education, they have 60 days to determine whether to take action or deny the petition.

Their Notice of Action was promising. Just read the excerpt from the response by the New Jersey State Board of Education (bold and underlined added):

“…In accordance with applicable law, the President of the State Board has reviewed the petition and, in consultation with the Commissioner, has determined that further deliberations are required before taking action on the petition. In addition to the petitioner’s request, the State Board has received more than 370 petitions seeking changes to, or the repeal of, N.J.A.C. 6A:7. Given the volume of petitions related to N.J.A.C. 6A:7, additional time is necessary to allow the Department to fully evaluate all of the petitions and coordinate the final action on the requests.”

That 370 is you! That 370 is the culminative result of grassroots local parental rights groups that followed our lead in putting forth their own petitions – without legal help or assistance. And now, the NJ State Board of Education needs more time to make a decision beyond their 60-day deadline.

This is not a time to wait, but a time to act! If you have not yet completed your own Rule Making Petition, I urge you to do so in the next 7-10 days. Yes, it will take some time and thought, but each petition must be unique with your personal objections to be credible and relevant.

Click on this link to go the NJ State Department of Education Rule Making Petition webpage. Fill in the fields provided with these generic answers and then explain in your own words in Question 6 why you want them to repeal their amendments.

1. Name
2. address and phone
3. check the ‘repeal’ box
4. NJAC 6A:7
5. Repeal amendment to 6A:7 adopted on Aug 2, 2023
7. NJSA 18A:4-15 and 18A:36-20
8. NJAC 6A:7 as readopted in 2015


Allan F. Wright

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