Our final thoughts before Election Day

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These numbers will shock you!

This email might be hard to read, but follow us, you won’t regret it! 

Did you know that 9% of New Jersey residents will give their consent to our state legislature to make laws that govern and control the other 91% of residents for the next four years. For those running for state senate, that is a four-year term to shape and make laws. 

The consultants and analysts know that a politician only needs 9% of their constituents to vote for them in a low turnout off-year election such as 2023. Yes, only 9%!   

This is why moral progressives discard public opinion polls and make radical public policies despite the will and expressed beliefs of the people. For example, 80% of New Jerseyans want parents notified of their child’s gender identity, 76% do not want gender identity taught in K-5 schools, and 66% want regulations on abortion. Therefore, the question must be asked, “If only 20-25% of New Jersey residents support the actions of our state government, how do many moral progressive incumbents continue to win?”  

The answer is simple. They don’t need 51% of the people to vote for them. They need 51% of the people who vote – vote for them.  

The problem is most people do not vote!  

Therefore, they do not need 51% of registered voters to vote for them. They only need 51% of those who turn out and vote in any given election year.  

What does that look like? It equates to 70% voter turnout in New Jersey for a presidential election, 40% turn out for the governor’s race, and most likely 28% turnout for this year’s election for the state legislature.  

It is very possible that a close race will be determined by a 51% majority of votes of the 28% voter turnout in a specific legislative district. In other words, 14.5% of registered voters (51% of the 28%) elected the individual who will either protect or violate parental rights.  

How does this relate to the 9% stated above? Well, not all New Jerseyans are able to vote for various reasons, such as: they are under 18, not U.S. citizens, have a criminal record, or never registered to vote because they do not appreciate our constitutional republic. If you consider all the 9.2 million residents statewide, not just registered voters, then that 14.5% is more like 9% of all residents.  

In 2019, the last year the state legislature was on the top of the ticket, only 1.6 million people voted out of 9.2 million residents.

If you need a 51% majority to win, that is 800,000 votes = less than 9% of New Jersey!   

Text your friends and encourage them to vote!  

Share with them our voter guide for their district! 

Don’t wait for election day! Vote early! 


Allan F. Wright, Executive Director

Shawn Hyland, Director of Advocacy 

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