Parents only have proxy access to vital medical records

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Can you believe this is happening?

Imagine a parent staying up late at night praying for their child who is facing a health challenge at a young age. Tuesdays are doctors’ appointments. Wednesdays are tests. Thursdays are treatments. Saturday is the day to pick up prescriptions and the pharmacy closes early! Sunday morning is worship and rest, but it’s never enough. With some lingering fear, the mother holds fast to her strong faith, and logs into the MyChart online medical records account on Monday morning to see her child’s tests results from the prior week.  

But she is denied access by one of the major hospital healthcare networks in New Jersey. Why? Because her 12-year-old child is considered an emancipated adult by the internal polices of this hospital and therefore, HIPPA privacy rights do not allow other adults, including the child’s mother access to these records! Insane, right!  

According to the hospital financial billing department, the mother is fully responsible for paying for the medical tests and treatments. Yet, according to their corporate executive leadership team, the mother has no rights to the medical records which she is financially responsible for. Insane, right?  

Except it is happening to parents across our state. They are only granted MyChart “proxy” access. What does that mean? The mother can communicate with their 12-year old’s physician through the online account – but has no access to the medical records.  

We understand this is New Jersey. Parents must fight daily to stay involved in their child’s life despite attempts by political forces, teacher unions, pharmaceutical and medical institutions, and the Abortion Industry to push parents out of the way.  

But this insanity must end!  

Thankfully, Senate bill 2296 and Assembly bill 3528 were introduced earlier this year. These Bills would require parents and guardians be provided access to medical records of their children. 

Current state law prohibits parents from being notified of their child’s abortion at any age, sexually transmitted infections over the age of 13, and mental health treatments over the age of 16 (the legislature is trying to lower this to 14)!  

Besides for these three unjustified and inexcusable reasons to keep parents in the dark, state law does not prohibit parents from accessing their child’s medical records for cancer, viral infections, or other chronic health issues – yet many hospitals are denying parents these records!  

This is why we are in this fight for you! And we are not giving up! We want to encourage you to join a coalition of parental rights groups on Thursday, May 16 in Trenton as we are coming together for a Lobbying Day. Information and details are below. If you are able to join us, or have questions, please contact Director of Advocacy Shawn Hyland at  

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