Parents win! The NJ Dept of Ed removed the lessons

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Now urge your school board to do the same! 

Earlier this week, I was speaking to a parent who expressed her frustration with the procedural dismissiveness she encountered when she went before the NJ State Board of Education on May 3. I was there too trying to persuade the NJBOE not to adopt the proposed policy that would require school districts to separate gender segregated Sex Ed puberty lessons by self-asserted gender identity, and not by biological sex – as they currently do.  

I strongly believe neither the NJ Law Against Discrimination, Federal Title IX Education Amendments, or N.J.S.A. 18A:36-41(b)(8) – Development, distribution of guidelines concerning transgender students; requires schools to discard long standing policies by disregarding biological sex as the basis for separating students.  

Sadly, but not completely surprisingly, only one member of the State Board was physically present to listen to the concerns of parents that dedicated nearly an entire day to travel, and then wait to be called to testify. Thank you to all those that were there. You did a great job!

I encouraged this parent not to give up – because the educational bureaucrats are listening, and they know their position is wrong – so they attempt to hide it, as if it never existed.  

For example, the NJ Department of Education has recently and tactfully removed K-2nd grade gender identity sample lessons that were posted online at their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Educational Resources – Sample Activities and Lessons webpage. The NJDOE encouraged local school boards to use lessons that had 5-year-old boys being forced to act like girls in role playing scenarios. Furthermore, these incredibly young children – who are just learning to tie their shoes, were supposed to create their own definition of what the word “gender” means!  

Just as dangerous was the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing political organization accused of domestic terrorism and that has routinely been guilty of anti-Christian rhetoric, developed these radical gender ideology lessons!

As you know, we have been very outspoken in our objection to these specific lessons in our previous emails, media press releases, and the numerous presentations I do at churches on parental rights in education. In every format and in every venue, we exposed and challenged these lessons.  

AND NOW THEY ARE GONE!   Seriously, they have been removed. Look below... *NJDOE footnote, Page Last Updated 4/13/2023

May 2022 Screenshot of NJ Department of Education website

May 2023 Screenshot of NJ Department of Education website

Ministry partners and friends, be fully confident that your voice is being heard. Governor Murphy and his administration can not defend their harmful leftist ideology that confuses and complicates the definition of human sexuality to innocent children. They simply erase the evidence, ignore the parents, and hope moms and dads go away. 

Now, tell your school board that the NJ Department of Education removed all sample lessons for gender identity from their website for grades K-12. That’s right! The NJDOE does not have sample high school lessons anymore either. It’s all gone.  

Together, we can make New Jersey a place for families to thrive! 

Shawn Hyland

Director of Advocacy

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