Riley Gaines lit up the room last night in Stirling, NJ

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An Example of Courage

As highly anticipated, it was an extraordinary evening with Riley Gains. Thank you to our many wonderful ministry partners that attended! 

Riley was one of the most graceful speakers I’ve encountered who spoke beautifully about her experience at the University of Kentucky.   

Her bravery and courage to stand up to protect the rights and privacy of girls and women is an outstanding example of what it means to take a stand.  Riley and other girls were required to compete against men in competitive sports and to share private locker room areas with them. She was transparent about how traumatic it was to most of the girls. They felt violated, afraid, and disgusted. These poor young women never gave their consent to undress in front of a male competitor, but they were forced to against their will, and had to endure his physical maleness being exposed to them.  

Riley was confident at 21 years old that a coach, a father, or someone would stand up and protect them. Sadly, no adults, including the fathers of these girls, were willing to stand up and protect them.  

God’s assignment upon Riley’s life changed her plans. Instead of dental school, she had to be a voice for fairness and the rights of girls and women in sports. The amount of hatred and physical violence she has had to withstand by Leftists student radicals in universities would cause most people to quit and walk away – but not Riley. She is committed to protecting girls in our society.  

22 states have already protected these female athletes. NJ is not one of them – yet. The transgender student guidelines and the new Equity and Equality in Education policy puts girls at an unfair disadvantage and puts at risk scholarship opportunities for them.  

Will you stand with us as Riley did? New Jersey Family Foundation is our tax-deductible organization that helps educate people across the state on these issues. Our work is only made possible by our wonderful ministry partners. Please, prayerfully consider a tax-deductible gift of $200, $100, $50 or your very best. 

Allan F. Wright

Executive Director

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