Senator Pennacchio honored for protecting children

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As we wrap up 2022, I can confidently say the momentum is on our side. Our Guardian of the Family Gala with Betsy DeVos and Coach Joe Kennedy was a great success. Immediately following our annual event, we experienced a number of victories that I shared last week. I also had the opportunity during this time to introduce myself to dozens of members of the State Assembly and spend significant time with Senator Steve Oroho and Senator Joe Pennacchio.  

I visited Senator Pennacchio yesterday to honor him with the Guardian of the Family Legislative Award for his work in creating a platform for parents, educators, school board members, and medical professionals to be heard to protect children from radical indoctrination in the public schools.  

Thankfully, because of Senator Pennacchio’s bold leadership and strong relationships among members of the Republican caucus, a virtual committee hearing was held this past August to discuss the Sex Ed Learning Standards. Parents were able to voice their struggles with school administrators, current school board members shared what they have done to prevent this harmful indoctrination to infiltrate the minds of young children, and experts had the ability to expose the flawed and unscientific research Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, and other proponents use to justify sexualizing young children.

Click here to view this online hearing

Senator Pennacchio has been a committed and unwavering voice in protecting the rights of parents across our state. His outspokenness to challenge Governor Murphy’s administration in the media is a breath of fresh air. He never shies away from the conflict because he strongly believes, as I do, that the purpose of government is to help parents, not become the parent.

I am so grateful for Senator Joe Pennacchio and the many other legislative leaders in our state that are fighting the good fight of faith to protect the minds of children. I want you to know that you are not alone in this struggle. God has men and women strategically placed in Trenton, on your local school board, and in the classroom, who want the very best for your family. 

Click here to read his statement on how curriculum is eroding parental rights

In 2023, as we read the signs of the times, we will politically engage in elections across our state to help get more people into office who will respect you and your family’s deeply held religious beliefs. Please consider becoming one of our vital ministry partners to sustain this work throughout the new year. Become a sustainer, those families who contribute monthly to our efforts to defend life, marriage, family, and religious liberty! 

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