Stop behavioral health centers from being located on school property

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Senate Bill 3156 is being voted on Monday, May 20 in the State Senate. Contact your state senator and tell them to vote NO.

Bill sponsors want to allow school boards to lease property on school grounds to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s)?

FQHC’s offer low cost and no cost health care at 137 sites in all 21 counties. Their services help the uninsured as they serve all people regardless of their ability to pay.

So what’s the problem with opening up new FQHC’s on school property?

One of their primary services is Mental/Behavioral health care!

Consider that a separate bill (Senate bill 1188) will lower the age of consent for behavioral services to age 14 and you realize that a mental/behavioral health center located on high school property will NOT require parental consent to administer services to any child.

What does this mean for parents and children?

If your child is confused about their gender and seeking care to discuss transitioning, you will not be notified of these appointments, until your child is ready to begin cross-sex hormones or worse…!  

How is this possible? 

FQHC’s are not part of the school, but they will be located on school property for easy access for minors. Therefore, these medical records are not school records. They will be off limits to parents if the child is 14 or over (if S1188 also passes).

➡️ First, this administration slashed the budget of school districts by reducing state aid.

➡️ Second, they eliminated the 2% property tax cap, allowing school districts to raise local taxes by up to 10% to offset the drastic cuts in state aid.

 ➡️ Third, they change the law concerning the leasing of school land to allow behavioral health centers to be located onsite as a means of revenue for the school district, while intentionally offering services to minors without their parents’ consent or notification. 

Tell your state senator to Vote NO on Senate bill 3156 to stop these behavioral health centers from being located on school property. 

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