Are you registered to vote in NJ?

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I want you to imagine what it must feel like for our brothers and sisters in Christ who live under tyrannical and oppressive communist governments in places like China or North Korea. I am sure if they had the freedom to choose their leaders, they would run to the polls every election day to elect representatives who would work for them and not against them. 

As Christians in America, we have been blessed with those freedoms – and with freedom comes responsibility. Since we have the right to vote, we also therefore have the responsibility to vote. One of the easiest ways we can do that is to engage in every election, selecting Godly men and women to represent us at all levels of government. Godly leaders won’t be perfect, but they will be more likely to pass policies that will be good for everyone, people of faith and otherwise.

Did you know that 628,000 conservative minded New Jersey voters who went to the polls in the 2020 presidential election, failed to vote in the 2021 gubernatorial election! If a fraction of them would have fulfilled their responsibility to vote in 2021, we would have a new Commissioner of Education at the NJ Department of Education, and the state board members who voted against the Sex Ed Learning Standards would not have been replaced as they were two weeks ago by Governor Murphy. 

Elections matter. Elections have consequences. 

If you are not registered to vote, the deadline in New Jersey is October 18!

Thankfully, our national ally, Family Policy Alliance has created a One-Stop-Shop for all things related to voting in the November election. 

You can:

* Find out whether you are registered/check your registration status

* Register to vote

* Apply for an advance ballot

* Learn how to vote early

* Find contact information for your local election officials

Click HERE to try it now.

No matter what congressional district you live in, local elections for Board of Education are just as important. All politics is local. We need pro-family, pro-life voters to make the difference at every level of government. 

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