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Twenty-six legislators sponsoring the bills we support

The New Jersey Family Policy Center believes voters should know before the primary election which legislators have fulfilled their “campaign promises” from the prior 2021 election to protect children from age-inappropriate sexual content in schools and to push back against the extreme abortion measures under the Murphy administration. 

Often times, poll-tested talking points and political consultants determine which issues candidates talk about as they make their rounds across their district during a heated and busy campaign season. Once in office, we see who the true conservative champions are by their willingness to put forth solutions in sponsoring the bills that we advocate for – and that many of them campaigned on.  

We have identified 26 legislators who are running for reelection and have shown a strong and outspoken commitment to fight for New Jersey family values. Legislators must have sponsored at least two of the Parental Rights in Education bills and sponsored at least one of the Protection for Unborn Children bills to receive our recommendation for that issue.  

Visit our Elections webpage to see if your legislator made the list of recommended candidates and the bills that made our current Legislative Priority List. Please share this information with your friends and family! 

In addition, the webpage offers information on important dates for voters to be aware of, how to vote by mail, and has pastors from across the state explaining why people of faith must vote in the 2023 state elections. A voter guide comparing candidates in each district will be developed and distributed for the general election.  

“For a time such as this, I am proud to recognize these legislators who are champions for the rights of parents and for the unborn. The family unit in the world today, as much as and perhaps more than any other institution, has been assailed by the many profound and rapid changes that have negatively affected society and culture. Many families are living this situation in fidelity to those values that constitute the foundation of the institution of the family, and we support these legislators who stand up to ensure that the rights of families and the unborn are respected.”  

Allan F. Wright

Executive Director

“We are proud to recognize the bold leadership of legislators that have a proven track record of standing up for parents. Tragically, the current majority in Trenton refuses to hear pro-parent and pro-life bills in committees. New Jersey voters must send these twenty-six incumbents back to the statehouse as voices of dissent. These men and women are willing to sponsor the solutions to the problems that plague the moral conscience of our state.” 

Shawn Hyland

Director of Advocacy

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