The voters have spoken. Now let’s educate others. 

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Congratulations to our incumbent champions

Primary election season is over. There were many legislative districts across the state that had little competition as candidates ran unimposed to easy victories. However, some of our legislative parental rights champions were facing serious challenges in the primary. I am glad to report that every incumbent that we recommended for re-election won! This is evidence that voters are not easily fooled by mailers and accusations.  

Now the work of educating general election voters on the clear dichotomy between the candidates who want to protect human life and respect the role of parents compared to those who want to terminate human life and silence parents, will be a top priority for all of us – including you!  

Over the next several months, our team is compiling information based on candidate surveys, voting records, and public statements on where those running for the state legislature stand on the issues you care about the most. This includes if they support: 

  • Requiring parental notification for all medical and surgical procedures for minor children – including abortion. 
  • Requiring public schools to post online a comprehensive list of books and resources available in the school library. 
  • Requiring public schools to make available to parents, or legal guardian, all student records regarding the student’s emotional, mental, and physical health – including their gender identity.    
  • And more… 

Our team is excited to develop this upcoming voter guide, and it is our hope that you will help distribute it to those in your church community and family. General election campaigns in close swing districts can be won or lost within a few thousand votes. That may sound like a massive landslide, but the facts speak differently.  

For example, in 2021, Ed Durr had a David vs. Goliath victory over Steve Sweeney, the longest serving state senate president in New Jersey history. At that time, 159,558 people were registered to vote in that district. Guess how many actually voted? 65,323 – only 41% of the voters actually participated in deciding the outcome. Ed Durr won by less than 2,200 votes. In the final analysis, it all comes down to voter turnout. That is where your sphere of influence is crucial.  

Get ready to spread the word and share the voter guide when it is available. On that note, would you please consider giving a donation to the New Jersey Family Policy Center this month? It will take time and resources to educate the public and create the tools you need to inform others on what their voting priorities should be. We depend on monthly partners to give $100, $50, $20 or their very best to sustain this work across our state. 

Allan F. Wright

Executive Director

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