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These legislators are making a difference

This past Monday started with a renewed sense of enthusiasm that was quickly curtailed by an ominous resolution that showed the very worst in the extreme abortion industry. Let me start with the vote to confirm Serena Rice to the State Board of Education. Why? Because it never happened – again! The Senate Session was cancelled on Monday due to reasons unrelated to her ‘advise and consent” vote. Stay vigilant and engaged. Her nomination has not been withdrawn yet, but more voices are joining our chorus to demand the Governor replace her – read below. 

Tragically, the Assembly did hold a voting session on Monday. In a state that has no restrictions, no regulations, and no safeguards in place for women seeking an abortion, reasonable people might think that the last priority of elected officials would be to take more of their tax-paying time to put forth Assembly Resolution 127 – that proclaims their strong support for our state’s extreme abortion laws. Furthermore, it once again repudiates other states that dare protect one single life in the womb. But this is New Jersey, where reasonable consensus must take a back seat to the political donations of Planned Parenthood. 

But you and I are not alone!  

There are many voices in our Legislature that are unafraid to stand up to be seen and speak out to be heard. Assemblyman Jay Webber (R – Parsippany) and  Dawn Fantasia (R – Sparta) led the effort to reform the conscience of the majority who voted in favor of the Assembly Resolution 127.  

Assemblywoman Fantasia also attended the school board meeting in Roxbury Township on Monday to defend girls’ sports and support parents who successfully convinced the school board to repeal the Transgender Student Guidelines that keeps parents in the dark about their child’s medical records and creates unsafe spaces for girls who are put at risk when forced to compete against male athletes and share locker rooms with them.

Read more about what she said – click here!!!

Assemblyman Greg McGuckin (R – Brick) and Assemblyman Paul Kanitra (R – Point Pleasant Beach) are publicly opposing Serena Rice’s nomination to the State Board of Education.

“She thinks fathers and mothers who don’t want their sons and daughters exposed to sexually explicit material are bigots and is furious that anyone has a problem with children viewing drag queen shows,” McGuckin (R-Ocean) said. “If she wants to live in some unsustainable leftist fantasy, have at it. But stay the hell away from the rest of us and our children who live and compete in the real world.”

“Call me a crazy conservative, but I don’t think this is a person who should be anywhere near deciding what happens in our kids’ classrooms,” Kanitra(R-Ocean) said. “Her hostility toward parents, toward female athletes, and quite frankly, childhood innocence, should disqualify her.”

Read what they had to say – click here!!!

As a matter of fact, the entire Senate Republican office has created their own petition to Reject Serena Rice

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