We are on the front lines for New Jersey families 

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The New Jersey Family Policy Center is committed to obeying God’s word in our Christ-centered approach to public policy and political activities. With the belief that all life is sacred and created in the image and likeness of God, we focus on marching forward while working with elected officials, those who seek political office, families, school board members, and other social conservative groups in New Jersey. 

Is there opposition? Of course! Are there policies and laws which impact children that are unjust? Certainly! Is our governor pouring millions of dollars into the abortion industry and pushing age-inappropriate sex education curricular on our children? Yes! Are our left-leaning, progressive elected officials being funded by Planned Parenthood and similar groups whom I won’t give publicity to? Yes! Are we afraid? NO! We remain undaunted as we work publicly and behind the scenes to make a positive, family-friendly, life-affirming change in NJ for we know Him who calls us to this work. 

The political sea hasn’t parted yet in NJ but through your prayers and financial support, we will continue to march forward knowing that you are with us in this battle. Please know that we labor each week discussing strategy, contacting elected officials, meeting people in person and through Zoom, and gleaning resources from the National Family Policy Alliance, and attorneys, while spending time in Trenton representing the socially conservative and Christian voters in NJ. 

In the past two weeks, our team has spoken to eighteen different legislative offices and elected officials concerning election transparency, teen suicide, and a positive solution for home-school families to access extra curricula activities. We have assisted a family facing religious viewpoint discrimination on the Jersey Shore, trained school board members from across the state on how to draft resolutions and policies to protect children, and have spoken at churches and parent groups.  

I ask you humbly, first and foremost, to commit to praying for us daily so that we may be attentive to the Holy Spirit for there are many who seek to defeat us. Secondly, I’m asking for your financial support.  I assure you that it will go directly to our mission and in implementing our strategic plan for making New Jersey a State where God is Honored, Religious Freedom Flourishes, Families Thrive, and Life is Cherished. 

New Jersey Family Policy Center stands ready to protect and advance your values—religious liberty, parental rights, educational freedom, life from conception to natural death, conscience protections for Christian business owners and non-profit organizations—all the issues important to you and your family for generations to come. 

Allan F. Wright

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