What did Kenny and Chloe say to NJ?

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We were honored to welcome two outstanding voices this week to our “A Time To Stand” events. Their personal lived experiences presented a strong counter point to the Leftist narrative that both a merit-based society and a biological binary gender reality are oppressive. 

Kenny Xu is the author the “The Inconvenient Minority” and “The School of Woke.” As the son of a first-generation Chinese immigrant (his mother Grace Zhang is running for the New Jersey Assembly in Legislative District 16), he reminded us that America rose to become a strong nation because of our long-standing tradition of meritocracy – people are rewarded based on their merits such as hard work, diligent study, and personal responsibility. This merit-based system attracted people from all nations, tribes, and tongues to immigrate here to achieve the American dream for themselves or their children. In other words, meritocracy produced diversity. Tragically, he warned us that the goal of Leftist ideology is to destroy the merit-based system in the name of so-called diversity, equity and inclusion, thereby, rejecting the rewards-based structure that created diversity in the first place.  

Chloe Cole has dedicated the past year of her life to speaking up and exposing the irreversible harm and the lifetime regrets of gender transitioning. Her story is heartbreaking and yet hopeful. Between social media and school curriculum, young people are confused if not pressured into believing that their mental, social and emotional issues are directly caused by living life as the wrong gender trapped in the wrong body. Nothing could be further from the truth – reality itself. As a detransitioner, her life story inspires millions to advocate for laws that will help, not harm young people experiencing gender dysphoria.  

Above all, I was overjoyed to meet so many of our ministry partners across the state. Without your support, the NJFPC would not be able to accomplish our mission to make NJ a state where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and life is cherished.  

Our work is not done. We must continue to stand firm in the faith (1 Cor 16:33).  

Please join us at our next “A Time to Stand” events featuring The Benham Brothers on Oct 25 in Franklin Lakes and Riley Gaines on Nov 8 in Stirling. Event information and links to purchase tickets are below.  

Allan F. Wright

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