What has been your experience with curriculum mandates?

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As I travel the state meeting parents, pastors, school board members, and state legislators, I regularly discuss the implementation of the Planned Parenthood “comprehensive” Sex Ed standards and the new sexual orientation and gender identity “diversity” lessons that start in kindergarten. The response and feedback have been unique to the individual, the school system, and the position in which they must approach the issue.     

For example, school board members have to deal directly with the administration, superintendent, and school board attorney. Many continue to receive conflicting legal opinions and at times open hostility from fellow board members. The good news is that more towns have parent friendly allies on the local board of education. Sadly, these brave men and women trying to protect children are fighting the strong arm of bureaucratic state power.  

Parents have been successful in some conversative areas of the state in convincing the school board to take a minimalistic approach to these curriculum mandates. The good news is that many parents are satisfied that their children will not be exposed to the sexually explicit elements that are being taught in more liberal cities and towns.  

Legislators, both those who identify as “progressive” and want to impose the sexual ethic of state government into the classroom, and others who are proudly “conservative” and believe parents have the fundamental constitutional right to direct the moral upbringing of their children, have seen a drop off in phone calls from constituents regarding this issue.  

But… at the same time, we have been working with attorneys to protect families that have been pressured to have their children complete lessons that violate their religious and cultural beliefs. Tragically, some families have been told by principals that if they don’t agree with this curriculum, they should find a private school because they (the public school) have to teach it. In other words, in the name of diversity and in the spirit of inclusion, families are being told to leave! Clearly, being told to “get out” is not exactly “inclusive” in any sense of the definition.  

Now, we want to know about your experience! It matters. Your children matter. Hearing from you helps us to talk to legislators and other education stakeholders. Please take a few minutes to answer three questions about what your students are facing.

Is there complete curriculum and lesson transparency at your school?

What lessons, books, and assignments have been the most troubling?

Are you pleased with the way your school, board of education, and state legislators have handled this issue?  

Shawn Hyland

Director of Advocacy

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