What the State of the State address means for us

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The Governor puts forth irresponsible priorities

As difficult as it was over the past couple of days, I had to digest the priorities Governor Murphy has set for this new legislative session when he gave his State of the State address on Tuesday. New Jersey is facing the worst out-migration problem in the country, as more people are moving out of the state than into it. Yet, instead of tackling affordability, the Governor was bound and determined to push forward his progressive moral agenda. The TV news live coverage headlines speak for themselves! 

Murphy Calls For Bill To Let 16 And 17-Year-Olds Vote For School Boards

His choice of words were antagonistic towards parents, as he proposed legislation to allow 16-17-year-olds to vote in school board elections. It does not take a political science major to know his intention is not civic engagement at a young age but to change the outcome of local board of education races by erasing the wins pro-parent traditional candidates have had statewide. 

This very proposal concedes the fact that the indoctrination of children with sex and gender theories is not supported by the majority of voters, therefore, he has to change the voting demographic.  

Murphy Asks Legislature To Eliminate Costs For Abortion

His obsession to override conscience protections for those that cherish life in the womb was predictable but no less offensive. He was clearly upset that the bill to expand abortion in New Jersey failed to move past the committee stage over the past two years. This bill would increase the government cash flow into abortion centers and mandate no co-pays or costs for abortions in medical insurance. The financial weight will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers and higher insurance premiums for us all. He insisted this bill gets on his desk before June!

You might think – Allan, this is depressing. No, it’s the opposite! It is confirmation that we are winning the hearts and minds of New Jersey voters, and the Governor is frustrated that his agenda is failing.  

School board elections have not gone in his favor over the past three years – and he recognizes it!  

His friends in the abortion industry have not been able to force the Democrat majority to increase their funding – and this infuriates him! 

Now is the time to keep building momentum and incrementally change New Jersey to a place where families can thrive, and life is considered sacred.  

With your collaboration and continued generous support this year, we plan to: 

➡️ expand our outreach, 

➡️ launch new initiatives, 

➡️ and further our impact in New Jersey. 

Your generous gifts are key to the future success of our shared mission. Thank You! 

So together, let’s make 2024 a year of triumphs, growth, and generational change. We would welcome your gift as we launch into 2024. 

Allan F. Wright

Executive Director

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